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The secret history of the american empire

John Perkins:

Created at Bretton Woods in my home state of New Hampshire in 1944, the Bank (World Bank) was charged with reconstructing countries devastated by war. Its mission soon became synonymous with proving that the capitalist system was superior to that of the Soviet Union. To further this role, its employees cultivated cozy relationships with capitalism’s main proponents, multinational corporations. This opened the door for me and other EHMs (Economic Hit Man) to mount a multitrillion-dollar scam. We channeled funds from the Bank and its sister organizations into schemes that appeared to serve the poor while primarily benefiting a few healthy people. Under the most common of these, we would identify a developing country that possessed resources our corporation coveted (such as oil), arrange a huge loan for that country, and then direct most of the money to our own engineering and construction companies – and a few collaborators in the developing country.
… At some point we EHMs returned to the indebted country and demanded our pound of flash: cheap oil, votes on critical United Nations issues, or troops to support ours somewhere in the world, like Iraq.
In my talks, I often find it necessary to remind audiences of a point that seems obvious to me but is misunderstood by so many: that the World Bank is not a really a world bank at all; it is, rather, a US bank. Ditto is closest sibling, the IMF (International Monetary Fund). Of the twenty-four directors on their boards, eight represent individual countries: the US, Japan, Germany, France, UK, Saudi Arabia, China, Rusia. The rest of 184 member-countries share the other sixteen directors. The US controls nearly 17% of the vote in IMF, and 16% in the World Bank. Japan is second with about 6% in the IMF and 8 in the Bank, followed by Germany, UK and France, each with about 5%. The US holds veto power over major decisions and the president of the US appoints the World Bank president.

Urmeaza cateva implementari ale unui algoritm greedy, pe linia – trimis EHM sa convinga dictatorii locali sa „deschida” portile pentru IMF si World Bank, pentru tot felul de proiecte de infrastructura; varsat/platit oamenii cheie; trimis „sacalii” (CIA) sa inlature oamenii cheie dar de pe partea cealalta a usii; trimis „marines” si „rangers” sa una alta prin zonele cu probleme (sa ocupe Panama de exemplu).
Inainte sa sari in barca Made in China, tre sa iti spun ca are cateva capitole si despre China, care totusi e plina de chineji, aia nu umbla cu echivalentii EHM sau „jackals”. Deh.

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